Your bread toaster, the dumpling on your plate, a rock in the garden. They are entities just as relevant as you. I invite the humans to position themselves less superior, to take their place among all entities this world contains. Because they all deserve the same loving, humouristic approach that we as humans deserve. They all have their own worlds, worlds that can overlap and interact with each other. They are entangled. 

With a playful approach and a sense of loving irony, my work is questioning the glorification of malleability and progression.
Serge Gruson is a spatial designer with a background in Industrial Design, where his interest in interaction design was sparked. During his MA in the field of Scenography, he continued to research ways to design encounters between humans and the world around them. The combined knowledge of interaction design and theater practice allow for the creation of technology-driven performative spaces.

Serge is currently working at Designwolf as an exhibition designer. Here he is combining spatial, interactive and performative design, resulting in playful and engaging exhibitions.