The Laboratory - Bosch Parade

Together with Tjeu van Bussel

The Bosch Parade is a floating art parade in the spirit of Jheronimus Bosch. The Laboratory bridges the gap between past and present by using 250 year old historic data as an input to create a seemingly random dance of autonomous tentacles supported by a data-driven soundtrack.




Video Report

Discussions about Technological Mediation in the Energy Transition

What will energy related devices in the future look like? Using a tangible device, the way technology mediates is explored in the context of an energy sharing community.
Four dimensions of Technological Mediation, as described in “post-phenomenological investigations” by Asle Kiran, offer a way of structuring a discussion with stakeholders, finding their values and behaviours. What role does an energy sharing interface play in an energy community?

Stukafest Eindhoven

Stukafest is a festival in which student rooms are turned into mini stages for all types of culture; theatre, bands, comedy, cabaret, poetry, dance and more. It is unique in it’s intimacy. For two editions I was chairman and PR-manager.



UX design for E-waste Arcades

At E-waste Arcades, I designed waste solutions that are enjoyable to use and in at the same time promote sustainable behaviour. Think of old-school arcade machines in which you can recycle your old mobile phone and bins for at festivals that create fun sounds when you throw in trash. The products of this company are circular: everything gets reused. After my internship I continued working at E-waste Arcades as a UX designer, working with clients such as Eurosonic Noorderslag, Rijkswaterstaat and Cinekid.


Somnium, 3D Environment Design

For Somnium, a project of Max Gruson, I have contributed to the design and realization of the 3D environment that is used in a virtual reality experience.

360° Video

Windmobiel - EELT Theatercollectief

In the play 'Vier de Wind', EELT Theatercollectief explores the connection between old, traditional windmills and new turbines. Additionally, workshops are organised at schools, in the "Windmobiel" pupils can experience the old windmill on one side and the new turbine on the other.


Design Project for Eindhoven Museum

Together with Tjeu van Bussel, Jay Kolvenbag & Fangyi Fu

In commission of the Eindhoven Museum, a mobile interactive installation about mobility is designed that can show the museum’s collection, inspire visitors and collect data. The result is a working prototype and a detailed concept, useful for the Eindhoven Museum.


Illustrations Dankraam Tilburg

During the Coronacrisis, "Dankraam" was initiated in Tilburg. Using Dankraam, citizens thank their heroes in times of corona. It is also a place for hope and consolation. I illustrated the journey of using the platform.



I have an extensive personal and professional visual interest. I have developed a workflow to use this efficiently in the design process. Over the years, I have done personal commissions, visualisations for small companies and illustrations for Studium Generale.


Design Project Menora

Together with Valerie Gies, Tom Groot & Ido Golan

Menora is an interactive and intelligent desk lamp that helps work productivity by analysing the fidget behaviour of the user. Principles of light and colour theory are used to affect the mood of the user, to get them into a more productive state of mind.